Photos above courtesy of Yukon Dive

SCUBA Diving

The Tutukaka Coast has an authenticity that sparkles all year round. Twenty-three kilometres offshore lies an international icon – the Poor Knights Islands. A total Marine Reserve and Nature Reserve – and pending World Heritage Site – the 11 million-year-old islands’ volcanic origins provide a myriad of spectacular drop offs, walls, caves, arches and tunnels. The added factor of a constant current streaming south from the tropics adds to this truly unique ecosystem.

The islands are abundantly populated with unique and incredibly varied plant, animal and fish life, above and below the water surface. Archways and vertical walls are thick with an astonishing array of encrusting life that supports an incredible biodiversity of fish and other invertebrates. During summer, vast numbers of stingray gather in the archways to mate; the volcanic structures provide protection by confusing the radar of predatory orca.

Helena Bay works with NZ owned and operated Yukon Dive. The full-service dive operators are extremely passionate about our environment and its future and pride themselves in offering a professional, friendly and personal service.

Yukon Dive specialise in fun packed adventure diving trips to the Poor Knights Islands. They can tailor the diving to suit the level of experience of all divers and dive the less crowded sites. Private charter diving reservations can be made through the Lodge which depart from the property.